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ColdFusion Server Monitoring ColdFusion Server Monitoring
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Have you ever wanted to "see" what's going on inside your ColdFusion server and applications? Now you can.
SeeFusion is a utility for monitoring and troubleshooting ColdFusion application servers. SeeFusion gives you the ability to "see" how your ColdFusion servers are processing requests in real time. The team at Webapper Services, LLC created SeeFusion based on years of experience developing ColdFusion applications, and providing consulting expertise to many of the world's largest ColdFusion applications and environments.
We built SeeFusion from the ground up for use on high-traffic production applications, and hundreds of customers around the world leverage SeeFusion in production environments to maximize server uptime, performance and stability. In addition, our own live demo runs under a continuous load, 24 hours per day. As of today, the SeeFusion Live Demo has been running for 1157 consecutive days, and has processed 5,000,056,800 queries and 40,000,454 requests. The Live Demo previously ran under a constant load for 505 consecutive days, during which time SeeFusion processed 4,363,352,600 queries and 43,633,526 requests.
Have you ever wanted to 'see' what's going on inside your ColdFusion server? Now you can.
Product Description
SeeFusion tracks 3 types of requests--currently running requests, recently completed requests, and recently completed long-running requests. In addition to providing detailed request monitoring, SeeFusion also offers a JDBC "wrapper" feature for obtaining detailed information about database interaction. And SeeFusion is highly configurable, giving you a wide range of control over how you'd like to track server activity.

In addition, SeeFusion provides indepth information about each request, including the full URL, "First Byte" information (for help in diagnosing server vs. network problems), the total number of queries that ran (including the longest running query with SQL output), and a wide variety of timing metrics, all of which gives you an unparalleled ability to "see" what's happening with your ColdFusion servers.

Best of all, SeeFusion is virtually undetectable as an overhead process on the server. It's implemented as a low-level servlet filter, which allows SeeFusion to provide valuable metrics even (and perhaps especially) on high-traffic production servers.

We welcome you to explore our site to learn more about how SeeFusion can give you valuable insight into your ColdFusion applications.

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Announcing SeeFusion 4.0.7!
The latest upgrade to the world's first ColdFusion monitoring tool.
New/Improved Features:
  • Flex 2 rich user interface, including real-time charting
  • Active monitoring rules
  • Enhanced database logging, including user-defined event logging
  • Stack trace filtering
  • Debug output filtering by IP Address
  • Streaming running requests
  • Improved trace() method
  • New 2-for-1 pricing model for individual servers
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