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SeeFusion Live Demo
We've configured servers in our datacenter to run a 24/7 load against the industry-standard PetMarket blueprint application. Click the image below to observe SeeFusion in action.
Please note that if you're behind a firewall that blocks port 8999, you won't be able to view the live demo.
We built SeeFusion from the ground up for use on high-traffic production applications, and hundreds of customers around the world leverage SeeFusion in production environments to maximize server uptime, performance and stability. In addition, our own live demo runs under a continuous load, 24 hours per day. As of today, the SeeFusion Live Demo has been running for 546 consecutive days, and has processed 2,362,576,750 queries and 18,900,614 requests. The Live Demo previously ran under a constant load for 505 consecutive days, during which time SeeFusion processed 4,363,352,600 queries and 43,633,526 requests.
The live demo is down for maintenance at the moment. We'll have it up and running again soon. Our apologies for any inconvenience.
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