ColdFusion Server Monitoring ColdFusion Server Monitoring
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Below are screenshots of both Standard and Enterprise features. We also have links to a live demo of SeeFusion 4 with Flex technology.
Screenshot 1: SeeFusion Server Status Screen
The SeeFusion Server Status screen shows a wide variety of server and request metrics for individual ColdFusion instances. The Server Status screen tracks running, recent and recent slow requests (the threshold for which is configurable), along with series of summary metrics for the server, such as memory utilization, request and query averages and totals (since last restart), uptime, and more. For each request, SeeFusion displays the full URL, client IP address, duration of the request, number of queries, and other critical information. For running requests, SeeFusion also gives you the ability to kill hung requests, and/or generate a stack trace for a request (as well as global thread dumps).

The SeeFusion 4 Flex interface adds a variety of rich Internet application features, such as expandable/collapsible charts, auto-refresh, sortable data grids, etc.

SeeFusion 4 Server Status Screen
Screenshot 2: SeeFusion Enterprise Dashboard Screen
The SeeFusion Enterprise Dashboard allows you to monitor all of your ColdFusion servers/instances in a single convenient interface. The dashboard displays color-coded status messages for each server, in either visual ("Simple") or datagrid ("Detail") views, based upon the server's performance, throughput and memory utilization. SeeFusion also displays critical summary data for each server, and allows you to click on that server's name to "drill down" to the Server Status screen for more detailed information. SeeFusion 4 Enterprise Dashboard Display
Screenshot 3: SeeFusion Counters Screen
SeeFusion Counters are like a combination of CFStat and JRun metrics logging, and give you a quick glimpse into the real-time request processing of your server, in a time interval of your choosing. For a detailed explanation, visit the SeeFusion Counters entry on our company blog. SeeFusion Counters
Screenshot 4: SeeFusion Enterprise Database Logging System
SeeFusion Enterprise features a comprehensive database logging subsystem that allows you to save your SeeFusion metrics to a database. This information is an invaluable tool for analyzing your server's processing behavior over time. If desired, SeeFusion automates the creation of the logging tables entirely, and the logging system is highly configurable to meet your specific needs. SeeFusion 4 enhances the database logging system by allowing you to log a variety of server events that you define via the Active Monitoring feature. SeeFusion Metrics Logging
Screenshot 5: SeeFusion Debug Output
SeeFusion allows you to append debugging information to the bottom of your page requests in a highly efficient manner that won't impact server performance in the way that ColdFusion's debugging has in the past. SeeFusion's debug output can be limited to IP addresses of your choosing, and can also be configured to display the information you desire. SeeFusion Debug Output
Screenshot 6: SeeFusion Configuration Screen
SeeFusion is highly configurable via a convenient Web interface, where changes are applied immediately without the need for any server restarts. SeeFusion offers configuration options for display, security, monitoring thresholds, turning SeeFusion on/off, and many other customization and configuration choices. SeeFusion Configuration Screen
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