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 Downloads:    Download SeeFusion.jar Download Download SeeFusion.msi (Windows Installer - includes August 31, 2014
The table below explains the download options available for SeeFusion.
SeeFusion Downloads
File Name Link Comments
seefusion.msi Download SeeFusion.msi (Windows Installer - includes For Windows servers, this is the only file you need to download. This Windows Installer will install a launcher application for the SeeFusion installation program (a Java GUI application). At the end of the MSI package installation, the SeeFusion installation program will run automatically. Follow those onscreen instructions to add/upgrade/remove SeeFusion instances on your system. In order to add/upgrade/remove SeeFusion instances again later, run the SeeFusion installation program by going to Start-->Programs-->SeeFusion. Do NOT run the MSI package itself again. In order to remove the Windows launcher for the SeeFusion installation program (under Start-->Programs-->SeeFusion), run the MSI package again, or use Add/Remove programs under Control Panel.
seefusion.jar Download SeeFusion.jar The JAR file can be downloaded for either manual installations or Java GUI installations on properly equipped systems. If your system is properly equipped to launch Java GUI applications (via the JAR launcher), then you can download and double-click seefusion.jar, and the SeeFusion installation program will launch (for adding/upgrading/removing SeeFusion instances on your system). You do not need to download any other files for the Java GUI installation. For manual installations, download as well. Download The file only needs to be downloaded for manual installations. It is automatically included in both seefusion.jar and seefusion.msi downloads.
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