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SeeFusion provides detailed monitoring and troubleshooting information about Adobe ColdFusion Servers. SeeFusion displays metrics for the following categories of requests:
  • All currently running requests.
  • A history of recent requests.
  • A history of requests that ran beyond a given threshold (defaults to 8 seconds).

In addition, SeeFusion Enterprise displays information about multiple servers in a convenient "dashboard" view, to allow for easily monitoring the status of large numbers of servers at once.

Since this information is most useful when a server has appeared to stop responding, SeeFusion is designed to be accessed in an "out-of-band" fashion, by a browser or xml-aware process establishing a connection to a non-standard server port (e.g. port 8999).

SeeFusion collects its data though two methods; first, a J2EE-standard "servlet filter" tracks the requests that are currently running. Second, a Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC) driver "wrapper" tracks the queries that are executed by that request. SeeFusion attempts to be as non-intrusive as possible by adding as little processing overhead as possible. It is our belief that the value SeeFusion adds to the management of ColdFusion servers greatly exceeds the almost-undetectable overhead that SeeFusion adds.

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