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 Downloads:    Download SeeFusion.jar Download Download SeeFusion.msi (Windows Installer - includes August 30, 2014
There are three steps to ordering SeeFusion:
  1. Place a secure order for the number of licenses you need (the "Buy Now" link is in the top right corner of every page).
  2. Download the product (choose appropriate "Downloads" link(s) near top of every page, by clicking on the images (or right-click and choose "Save Target As..."). You can also visit the SeeFusion Download section for more information on the files to download.
  3. Follow the instructions for installation and configuration in the Administrator's Guide.
Telephone Credit Card Orders
You may now place toll-free (North America only) telephone orders for SeeFusion by calling 866.816.4700. International customers can dial {International Direct Dialing prefix} + 1-970-223-2278.
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