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Who better to host your systems than the SeeFusion guys? Webapper's unparalleled ColdFusion/CFML expertise is now available in the form of fully-managed hosting services in the Amazon cloud.

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We're a one-stop-shop for any of your ColdFusion/Lucee support needs, from tuning and troubleshooting to infrastructure upgrades, and also including full lifecycle application development.

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For SeeFusion support, please contact us via live chat with any questions you have (be sure to leave your email address for best service).

Absolutely. SeeFusion runs as fully-featured Enterprise edition for free for two hours after each restart of the ColdFusion service where it's installed. In addition, if you need a longer evaluation period, just contact SeeFusion support to receive an extended trial key. Also, we now have a new hourly licensing option that makes SeeFusion even more affordable.

Most definitely. Installation and configuration support is always free. In addition, we're now offering a variety of paid support options to fit your budget and needs. To access support, just open the live chat window from the bottom-right corner of any page on, or from any SeeFusion screen as well:

Certainly. We'll be happy to accept other forms of payment besides a credit card. Just contact us at SeeFusion support with details about your procurement needs.

We've designed our support plans based upon our unparalleled experience working with thousands of CFML-based systems all over the world. In short, we've learned a lot about what your needs are in maintaining your applications and systems. That said, we also want to give you as many choices as possible in purchasing support. We've organized the support options to be purchased in the following ways:

  • Pre-packaged support services that are typical to a system of your size (i.e., # of servers).
  • Pre-packaged support services of your choosing (i.e., you pick and choose support services, independent of the # of servers you're running).
  • Blocks of support time, in 4-hour increments, for you to use however you like. (This is sort of like typical "incident" support, although we don't like that kind of support, which is why we don't use that term.)
Visit the Support page for more information.

Based on our experience, there's a big problem with this kind of support. Namely—what's an incident? Is it a bottleneck that will take 3 days to refactor for better performance? Do your systems just need some memory analysis and tuning? Is there a checkbox in the wrong setting in the ColdFusion or Lucee Administrator? Since there's no generic definition of an incident, we view your systems and your needs differently. On the one hand, we've learned which fixes pretty much all systems need over time, and those best practices are represented by the pre-packaged support offerings. Or, if you have other needs not addressed by those support offerings, then we work with you to define the specific needs of your applications/systems, and this form of support is provided via the blocks of support time.

SeeFusion Standard is $299/server. SeeFusion Enterprise is $399/server. There's also a new Enterprise Edition that's licensed hourly to accommodate cloud/elastic/auto-scaling infrastructures (contact us for customized pricing based on your environment). Our licensing is now truly per-server licensing. The prices are irrespective of how many CPUs your server has, or how many ColdFusion/Lucee instances you run.

Yes, the upgrade fee is simply the difference in price between SeeFusion 4 and 5—$100 per copy of SeeFusion, thereby "protecting" your entire original investment.

Click to upgrade your existing SeeFusion Standard or SeeFusion Enterprise licenses. Questions about upgrading? Open a chat session with us.

Please see the SeeFusion license section for more details.

Yes! We're members of the Lucee Association Switzerland (LAS), so of course SeeFusion works just fine w/ Lucee. The documentation has specific instructions for the version of Lucee you're running.

All of them. Really. SeeFusion is written entirely in Java, so it works with any Java application server that supports Servlet Filters. If your Java server isn't listed in the SeeFusion documentation, just chat with us and we'll help you get up and running.

Of course! We wouldn't leave you hanging like that! When you install SeeFusion 5, you can drop your file into the same directory as seefusion5.jar, and SeeFusion will import the old file format and rewrite all your settings to the new seefusion.xml properties file format.

No problem at all. We've made support much easier to access in SeeFusion 5. From either the website, or from within the SeeFusion application itself running on your server, in the bottom-right corner just open the live chat window, send us your question(s), and the entire support team will be notifed immediately. We try hard to respond in real time during regular business hours in the U.S., but if we're not available just leave your email address in the chat window, and we'll respond ASAP.

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