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Who better to host your systems than the SeeFusion guys? Webapper's unparalleled ColdFusion/CFML expertise is now available in the form of fully-managed hosting services in the Amazon cloud.

Need support?

We're a one-stop-shop for any of your ColdFusion/Lucee support needs, from tuning and troubleshooting to infrastructure upgrades, and also including full lifecycle application development.

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For SeeFusion support, please contact us via live chat with any questions you have (be sure to leave your email address for best service).

We've delivered a lot of support services for CFML-based systems over the years. The packages below are based on upwards of 1,000 support engagements, and are thus representative of typical system needs. However, if you'd like to define a different packaging of support services, you can instead purchase blocks of support time below, to leverage our senior engineers however you like.

SeeFusion Support Plans


Recommended for:
Simpler, low-traffic, 1-server systems.

Basic Plus

Recommended for:
Systems of moderate load or complexity with 2-3 Servers


Recommended for:
Higher-traffic/more complex systems.

Advanced Plus

Recommended for:
Complex, high-traffic systems.
Live Chat Support (In-App)
Real-time, live-chat access to our support engineers, right from inside SeeFusion. Installation and configuration support is always free. Additional help with your systems requires a support plan.
ColdFusion Best Practices Checklist
Multi-point inspection of your systems to ensure best practice settings throughout.
Annual Memory Analysis & Tuning
The most important tuning your system can get—detailed memory analysis and tuning to ensure optimal performance.
Annual Architecture Audit
Review of your overall application and systems architecture, to identify areas in need of upgrade or other improvements.
Annual Bottleneck Analysis
Detailed reporting on your request and query bottlenecks, sorted/prioritized into seven different reports.
Annual Bottleneck Tuning
Tuning of highest-priority bottlenecks for better performance (code refactoring, database tuning, etc.).
$798.00 $1,995.00 $3,990.00 $7,980.00
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Don't like these support services or packages?

Support is also available in 4-hour blocks of time, for you to use however you like. Our senior engineers can handle any needs your system may have. Recent examples include implementing new password encryption for an existing application, tuning bottlenecks, finding and fixing SSL bugs, and much, much more.