SeeFusion ColdFusion Monitoring Tool


The World’s First ColdFusion Performance Monitoring Tool

SeeFusion provides detailed monitoring and troubleshooting information about Adobe ColdFusion and Lucee servers. It tracks a variety of metrics, including active, recent and slow requests and queries, request and query bottlenecks, memory utilization levels, and more. You can access SeeFusion using a browser or XML-aware process with a connection to a non-standard server port. Whether you’re focused on optimizing Adobe licensed ColdFusion (ACF) or Lucee performance tuning, SeeFusion is a powerful tool.

Open Source Solution

SeeFusion, originally authored by Webapper, is now open source software (released June 2022). After a long run developing and supporting this solution in the CFML community, we wanted to step aside but still leave it open for others to enjoy the many benefits of SeeFusion.

SeeFusion ColdFusion Monitoring Tool


  • Mobile-Ready UI
  • Server Profiles
  • Incident Reports
  • DoS Protection
  • SeeStack built-in

Paid support for SeeFusion and general CFML consulting is available from Webapper.